Colbert Mashile - January/February 2016 : SELECTED PAST EXHIBITIONS : CIRCA Gallery

Colbert Mashile - January/February 2016

MAN'S DUALITY (unearthed)
OPENING 28 JAN 6PM - 27 FEB 2016

An established artist for some years, Colbert Mashile’s work is well recognized in the South African art scene. This collection of recent work is a continuation on the theme Mashile has worked with for a number of years, a subtle, yet incisive exploration of the socio-political.

Man’s Duality (Unearthed) is a revealing title open to interpretation. He deals with the nature of humans, of man as animal, and of the animal as man. The anthropomorphic figures reference folklore and tradition in South Africa, as representatives of a collective unconscious that form cultural identity. The figures invoke stereotypical human attributes we so generously apply to animals in our mythologies. He offers a contemporary reading of the traditional and criticality of our cultural belief systems that determine our behaviour.

According to Mashile, he works in a highly intuitive fashion, and this show is the culmination of many hours of lucid experimentation. He describes his own working process as fragmented and spontaneous. Mashile makes direct reference to George Orwell’s Animal Farm, which is all but self-explanatory. The work makes no specific reference to any particular events or people, leaving room for the viewer to interpret the art. Deeply nuanced and sensitive works lie within these bright and playful images, a dichotomy of humour and darkness.