May/June 2015 - Francki Burger : SELECTED PAST EXHIBITIONS : CIRCA Gallery

May/June 2015 - Francki Burger


This body of work investigates landscape and history and how politics, race and violence are embedded/layered within the landscape. Historically, landscape in South Africa acted as a symbol of intimacy, a layered network of meanings and a place where cultural identity could be inscribed and imagined.


I am particularly interested in the various battles fought and the role of the photographer in documenting the landscape. I examine archival images taken by official and amateur photographers of various battlefields as I believe that traces are still present on the landscape, a landscape littered with political ideologies that inform our identities. This view regards landscape conceptually, as a space of shifts and changes, rather than physically.


I re-photograph and layer archival and present-day landscapes in the darkroom, which results in a black and white photograph that reveals the way in which the landscape accumulates history and memory. I become an observer of past and present landscapes, merging them to construct a new document. This stems from an archaeological desire to scratch the surface of the soil for traces in the landscape, which might act as a crucial marker through which one investigates the past and negotiates the future.